Common questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions. We encourage you to read them.

Do you provide training?
Yes, if necessary, we can provide training remotely or at the company's headquarters.
Is the tracking program invisible?
The tracking program is invisible to users. In addition, it does not load the processor and requires a minimum amount of memory to operate.
Can the software cause a decrease in system performance?
No. The program uses a minimal amount of hardware resources so it should not affect performance.
Does the program capture passwords or other data from the keyboard?
No. Only application window headers and website titles and URLs are read.
Does the program only read window titles or other information?
The tracking application reads the application names, titles of active windows, process names and URLs of pages visited.
Can the program track employees on every operating system?
Currently, the tracking program can be installed on Windows systems. An application for MacOS X is also in preparation. Mobile applications for Android and iPhone are planned.
Are idle sessions and screen savers recognized?
Yes, the program detects not only inactivity but also activities that are supposed to simulate work but which isn't work.
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