Work time analytics

Understand exactly how your team works
Work time analytics
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Application and website analysis

Explore the programs and websites used by your company

Advanced analytics
  • Get to know the tools used

    See how much time each employee spends working in applications and browsing the Internet. Eliminate unproductive activities and increase productivity.

  • Reduce license costs

    Find out if programs with redundant or overlapping functionality are being used. Find out why employees are using them and whether they are needed to complete tasks.

  • Improve communication

    Learn about applications and social media dedicated to communication. Find out if they are used for team and customer communication or for personal use.

Ineffective activities

Find out how much time unproductive activities take

Advanced analytics
  • Detect sources of inefficiency

    Any non-work-related activity delays the completion of assigned tasks and makes the team work inefficiently. Use analytics to identify such instances.

  • Get to know your team

    Find out when employees are working effectively and what makes them productive or not. Immediately respond to any drop in productivity and realize real benefits.

  • Alarms and blocking

    Define job performance or security alerts. Check which employees cause the most incidents and block the sites causing the most problems.

Download or print

View, export, send or print statements

  • Reports available immediately

    Take advantage of statements generated on the fly, accessible from the main menu. Get the necessary information about a team or selected employee with a single click.

  • Export to Excel

    Save statements in Excel and prepare the reports you need. Use the spreadsheet to calculate bonuses or prepare a report for management.

  • Send or print

    Save the finished statement as a PDF to print or send as an attachment.

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