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Employee monitoring

The monitoring of employees is one of the ways to maintain the appropriate staff productivity. It can be used both by management to improve work organization and by IT managers, who are responsible for ensuring the IT security of the company.

Employee monitoring

Monitoring allows to provide information to the management on how the tasks entrusted to subordinates are performed, what programs they use and what websites they visit, as well as whether the used software and visited services are related to the work performed. Monitoring can be used both in the office and outside it.

How does it work?

The basis of operation is the tracking application (the so-called agent), which should be installed at each monitored position. The application monitors used programs and visited websites by analyzing the titles of active application windows, open pages and documents. Information is sent to the server, where it is properly prepared to enable the generation of reports for the organization's management.

USB PenDrive monitoring

The application monitors events that may be related to data leaks. The program tracks PenDrive type drives placed in USB ports. When copying files to PenDrive, it records a write event with the amount of data copied. It is possible to take a screenshot or port lock automatically.

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