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Employee monitoring

Computer monitoring allows you to obtain detailed information on employee activity, both in terms of Internet use, applications used and the use of removable drives. The program, based on the collected data, gives an overall picture of what employees do, whether they use licensed programs, and how much time they spend on individual pages or applications. The system can be used both by the management to improve work organization and by IT managers who are responsible for taking care of the company's IT security.

Employee monitoring

ActivREC has been equipped with a real-time monitoring function. It allows you to view current user activity and allows you to quickly respond to any irregularities. Real-time preview displays data such as: computer, user, application name, window title, URL and time of use.

How does it work?

The basis of operation is the tracking application (the so-called agent), which should be installed at each monitored workstation. The application monitors used programs and visited websites by analyzing the titles of active application windows, open pages and documents. The application is invisible to the user and does not burden the computer's resources.

Removable Disk Management

The application monitors the use of removable HDD, SSD, PenDrive. It allows you to capture events that may be related to a company's data leak.

Monitoring of USB drives

The program tracks discs placed in USB ports and, at the time of copying files to PenDrive, records a write event along with the amount of copied data. It allows you to automatically take a screenshot when you start copying, remotely disconnect or lock removable drives permanently.

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