How it works?

ActivREC is a cloud-based employee monitoring and time management system for projects. It collects information sent from workstation tracking applications that monitor programs used by employees and visited web pages by reading the titles of active windows.


Based on the collected data, the system is able to generate detailed, multi-level reports on employee activity, identify productive and unproductive activities and send appropriate reminders to both the employee and his/her superiors. Reports are available on the subject: -the most frequently visited websites, -categories of activity, -users.

Screen shots

The reports can be enriched with screenshots that give the management an accurate picture of the users' actions. They allow you to reproduce exactly what employees did if the reports do not allow for an unambiguous diagnosis of their activity.


The program has powerful data filtering tools. It allows you to filter by user, device or group and by many other parameters. Filtering is particularly useful in applications with complex structure and high employment.

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