Productivity measurement

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Productivity measurement
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Mark event productivity

Search for non-work related activities and mark them as unproductive.

Productivity chart - desktop
  • Collect data for analysis

    Regularly review the apps your team uses and the websites they visit. Mark them as productive or unproductive to generate the best reports.

  • Define types of apps and sites

    Create your own categories of used programs and visited websites or use predefined lists. Well-set categories will allow you to identify activities faster.

  • Define teams

    Create teams and assign employees to them. This will enable you to quickly verify and visualize the productivity of each team.

Generate reports and charts

Use event tagging to visualize productivity

Reports and charts
  • Control your team's capabilities

    Check the efficiency of work on the visualization of the average productivity of the entire company or team for a selected day, week or month.

  • Visualize the tools in use

    Tagging application and site types will allow you to create lists of the tools you use by day, team and individual employee.

  • Gain insight into key indicators

    View productive and unproductive time by individual employee. See who stands out and who needs to improve their commitment.

Take a look at the details

Analyze behaviors and find out exactly what the team is doing.

  • Control precisely

    The program records activities with an accuracy of a second. Thanks to this, you will capture unproductive activities, even if the employee tries to hide them well.

  • Control quickly and accurately

    Check recorded events if in doubt. Verify details in the log if aggregate visualizations show ambiguous activity.

  • Take care of security

    Use the precision of event registration and prevent incidents. Prevent the use of unwanted applications and work calmly.

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