Basic configuration

In order to monitor employee computers, a tracking application should be installed at each workstation. agent. The application is downloaded from the Desktop menu after logging into the system, clicking on the Download tracking application button and selecting the operating system.

Downloading tracking application
The downloaded ZIP file should be unpacked on PenDrive, which will be used to install the agent on employees' computers.

Installer files on a USB PenDrive

1. Insert PenDrive into the USB port of the tracked computer and run the installer located there
2. Select the language version and destination directory of the tracking application. It is possible to choose an individual installation directory, although the default one is recommended C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\ActivREC
3. Confirm by clicking Install


The tracking application from version 2.0 (released on February 24, 2020) does not require configuration (providing logins and passwords) on tracked computers. It is ready to work after successful installation.

Configuration is made only from the level of the Administrator Panel (company owner, project management) after logging into the account (providing login and password provided during registration) and consists of adding employees and assigning computer and user names to them.

Assigning positions to employees

To add employees, in the Administrator Panel go to the Settings -> Account -> Employees menu and under the table click the + Add.

Adding employee
A form will open in which you must provide:
- email and employee name
- the names of the computers and users that the employee uses

Employee editing
In order to correctly recognize employees by the system, you should select both a computer and a user for each of them. These activities should be performed after installing tracking applications on all workstations that will be monitored and after collecting the first information, including computer and user names.

Tracked workstation
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