Categories and productivity

Defining activity categories and assigning productivity to activities displayed by employees is a very important activity. To define the above, enter the Settings - Activity menu.


In the Categories submenu, add activity categories such as internet, work, email, and others. Each category can be described so that in the future there is no doubt what it concerns and for which activities it should be used.

Activity categories

In the Productivity submenu, you can define which employee activities are productive, unproductive or neutral. To define productivity, simply click Add, select the type of productivity (application or internet) and complete the form correctly.

Defining productivity
When completing the form, specify the productivity and optional activity category. Then you need to complete the conditions.

Defining productivity
Configuration of conditions

In the case of application activities, three conditions can be specified, i.e. window title, application name and process name. For internet activities, the URL should be completed. The comparison operator must be specified for each condition. Three operators are available:
For example, defined productivity conditions are shown in the graphic below.

For example, defined productivity conditions
Correctly configured conditions allow, among others presenting the productivity of individual employees or entire teams in the form of interactive charts.

For example, defined productivity conditions
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