Control of employees' time

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The regulations in force require every employer to reliably register the working time of his employees. Thanks to this, superiors are able to use the working time of their employees fully, and also in a simpler way to coordinate their tasks. From an employee's perspective, such registration gives each employee access to a list of hours worked and guarantees that they will not be deceived. Overtime is often counted in a dishonest way and in case of using a work record system, such a situation cannot occur. Therefore, Electronic Time & Attendance Recording should be used in any company. Regardless of its size or methods of remunerating employees. Application of this type of solution may significantly reduce the costs of running a company, and in case of connecting it with payroll systems, it may also improve its operation.

Registration of working time.

The use of a time registration system brings a lot of benefits for users. We receive notifications about the start and end of work, both private and business trips, delays and even holidays. With its help we can also create special lists, reports and statistics relating to specific employees or groups of employees. After looking at such statistics, it is much easier to plan a leave or replace an absent employee.

Working time records.

The working time recorder shall make it possible to calculate the time spent at work by the person employed. It also enables us to control orders, i.e. individual tasks. This type of module is most often used in various types of production plants. In the case of paper indexes, many employees may be afraid of error, there is no question of it. Working time registration data are fully open and every employee has access to them. Thanks to this, he can control his own professional activities.

Another advantage is much more efficient work planning. This system allows us to record overtime, holidays to which employees are entitled, and if some of them use up, all this will be recorded. The last advantage is particularly useful for undisciplined workers. We can easily get a report on all delays or absences. Therefore, employees should work more honestly and in line with working hours.

What do we need?

To create such a system we need Time & Attendance readers, which will be used to record events, proximity tags such as key rings or wristbands, which will be used to identify employees and a Time & Attendance program, whose task will be to collect data.Time & Attendance System is a solution that is worth implementing in your company. They bring many benefits for both employees and management. Thanks to it, we can also save ourselves a lot of nerves with incompetent employees.

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