Measurement of time of projects and tasks

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Living in the era of extremely rapid development of the IT industry and the ubiquitous Internet, we are increasingly introducing various technological improvements to companies and institutions. They usually serve to facilitate work, improve communication between employees, as well as record (almost in real time) the changes that have occurred within the framework of a given project or campaign. In this article we will discuss yet another - no less important - feature of systems for monitoring employees and managing online projects. We will focus on the function of measuring the time of projects and tasks performed by employees.

Manage your project online

A whole range of special systems for employee monitoring and project management are available on the Internet. Many of them are also available in a free version. Systems that enable the execution of tasks on a given platform are simple to use and largely facilitate the coordination of a given project. Why? Since all the threads are gathered in one place, we can see the activity of other team members. In addition, we can keep track of the tasks that have been assigned to a specific person in a specific period of time. There are many web applications that allow you to create a specific section, project category and add a user to the system who is responsible for it. For example, you can create the field of "promotion in social media" and a given team member coordinating this project space, completes the data on the implementation of tasks within this category. After the activities are completed, he marks out the subsequent activities he has carried out. Thanks to this, all team members are informed about the stage of work of a given team member and the extent to which he or she has carried out the recommended activities. Through such solutions it is easy to control the development of the project, and thanks to the option of adding comments or marking users, you can jointly consider ambiguities or inform the team about significant changes.

Easily control project time and tasks

By coordinating a specific project online, you can easily measure the duration of the project. Adding a calendar, completing deadlines and related tasks facilitates the work, and omitting any aspect becomes much more difficult. A look at the project from the project management system level gives an interesting perspective to the team members. Thanks to this you can see the level of readiness not only of your own section, but also of other sections. Seeing the pace of task completion, it is easy to estimate whether the project will be completed on time or whether there will be a need to extend the deadline.

Many online project management systems also provide statistics on the extent to which the specified tasks have been completed. For example, 65% in the category of cooperation with sponsors, 80% in the media and 100% in the catering section. The system, on the basis of the tasks that have been completed and those that are still in the queue for implementation, calculates the total percentage of performed activities in a given project category has been achieved. This makes it easy to check how much more work needs to be done before the project is completed.

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