Problems with remote working in the company

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At first glance, it might seem that remote working is an ideal solution for both employees and employers. A person employed by an organization does not have to waste valuable time every day commuting to the company, and can also perform his or her duties in the privacy of his or her own home. The employer, however, is not obliged to incur additional costs, which would be unavoidable in the event of the need to rent office space. Moreover, depending on the conditions of cooperation, the employer is also able to avoid spending money on office equipment such as computers or desks. However, if we take a closer look at this type of cooperation in detail, we can quickly see that it is not as perfect as it might seem. What is more, it can often be the cause of huge misunderstandings and fraud on the part of unscrupulous employees.

No contact with co-workers

A person who does his work from home has no direct contact with other employees. Of course, you can always grab the phone and establish the necessary details with your co-worker, but you have to admit that this method is cumbersome and often not very effective. What becomes even more important, however, is the general organization and division of tasks during project management. Not to mention motivating the whole team, which becomes almost impossible through the monitor screen. This state of affairs is not only troublesome every day, but can also become a ball at the feet of the entire company in case of sudden, emergency situations, during which a quick intervention of the employee is necessary.

Unecessary work breaks

Especially novice companies, which are only just beginning to hire employees in the form of remote cooperation, make the mistake of not having precise rules written in the form of regulations. Unfortunately, this may become a field for huge abuses on the part of employees. If the employee is not fully aware of how his effectiveness is accounted for, it may turn out that he will take unjustified breaks in his work. In addition, there is a good chance that the pace of activities will start to deviate from the norm. The majority of people tend to do less careful work if nobody looks at their hands. Of course, it is not about checking every person in detail every ten minutes, but about a coherent system and rules that will allow for a reliable settlement of the work performed.

Although after realizing the above disadvantages of remote work in a company it might seem that it is unprofitable from the employer's point of view, there are ways to make this cooperation run effectively. An example can be careful selection of employees and clear rules. Moreover, it is a good idea to introduce a system for monitoring employees and managing online projects into the company. Thanks to it, it will become possible to control the activities performed by subordinates, which at the same time will not make them feel uncomfortable.

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