Productivity in the workplace

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The effectiveness of our employees' work is influenced by many factors. These include social factors, physical factors, aesthetics, room temperature and even room lighting. All these direct aspects influence our ability to concentrate, think creatively and execute orders quickly. Relations with management or colleagues also have a major impact on productivity in the workplace. How does the atmosphere affect our employees? How to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

Working climate in the 20th century.

At the beginning of the 20th century, entrepreneurs began to be interested in work efficiency. Scientists at that time were focused on developing methods that would allow them to speed up their work. Piecework pay, which depended on the productivity of our work, gained popularity. However, it was quickly proven that money is not the only factor influencing work efficiency. It was noted that employees who felt comfortable at work were working more efficiently. Friendly climate is very much related to the attitude to their tasks and affects the accuracy and speed of the duties entrusted to us. Why does the working atmosphere affect the performance of employees? Each of us needs an affiliate. In other words, we need to be part of a given environment, a given community. Of course, some of us can work effectively even on our own. Individuals do not care about the climate at work or interpersonal relationships. However, we have to take into account that such people are exceptions and do not happen very often. Nobody likes to work in places where they feel bad, and their colleagues are reluctant to work. Leaders and bosses have an equally strong impact on the working climate. Of course, as supervisors, we should pay attention to our employees, but within reason. We must also apply praise and not be indifferent to the needs of our employees. If an employee does his or her best and yet every mistake is pointed out, he or she will lose his or her motivation and willingness to work.

How to create a working climate?

We must remember that even one hostile person can destroy the climate at work, the rest of the positive people. We can shape it by treating workers equally. Each of us is the same and should be treated on an equal footing with the others. Another way is to be kind to each other. Not everyone has to like each other, but respect and mutual culture are the basis of our work. We should also establish a clear and transparent division of responsibilities. Everyone needs to know what tasks they are responsible for in order to avoid conflicts. Informal receptions are also a great way to integrate. During such a dinner, everyone can relax and get to know each other better.  Productivity in the workplace is something that many leaders strive for. However, we must remember that pay alone will never fully satisfy an employee. Workplace climate is a very important issue. Every employee of the company should take care of him or her and take care of him or her, so that everyone can work nicely and pleasantly.

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