Recording of remote working time

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Remote working is becoming more and more common among IT professionals. The owners of this type of companies themselves are increasingly willing to allow this form of work because of the mutual benefits associated with it. However, each medal has two sides and this form of employment also has its drawbacks. The key issue in this case is the issue of effectiveness of employees remaining at home, where it is not difficult to distract attention. Furthermore, it is extremely difficult to monitor the work of a person who is currently out of sight. Well, that may have been the case until recently, but for some time now, there have been effective tools in place to keep us, as employers, in control of the working time of our employees. How do they work and are they really that effective?

Pluses and minuses

Undoubtedly, remote working has its advantages, not only for the employee, but also for the employer. If the person employed by us works at home, the costs associated with preparation and physical maintenance of the workplace or in the case of a larger number of people renting an office or additional premises. The issue of equipment and its depreciation is also important. Remote workers usually use their own equipment. The disadvantage is the aforementioned lack of control over its actions. Being far away, it is difficult to verify how much time an employee actually spends on duty and how much time off for a break. However, there are remote work monitoring systems that will help us to precisely determine the working time of the person we employ.

We don't have to buy expensive equipment

Such tools work in the form of online applications, programs and panels, to which the employee logs on using his or her phone or computer. Of course, we can require our employee to simply inform us about the beginning and end of work by e-mail or SMS, but such methods are not as effective as the tools created specifically for this purpose. Professional registration systems are primarily designed for this purpose:
  • register working time
  • Check the frequency of interruptions
  • define precisely the location, i.e. the place where our employee is staying during the performance of his or her duties

All this is verified in real time. As far as checking the position of a person working remotely is concerned, two variants are also possible. We can simply check whether, at the moment of registration in the tool, he is actually in his home or determine from above the location from which it will be possible to so-called "rebound", which is simply giving the employer a signal that the work has just started. In both cases, it is possible mainly thanks to the mobile application. An employee installs a so-called pharmacy on his smartphone, which is used to notify us that he has just started or finished his task, or for example, goes for a break. The most popular manufacturers dealing with the supply of work registration systems are currently:
  • RCP
  • Inewi
  • Generix

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