Timely execution of tasks

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Thanks to proper time management, we can perform the task entrusted to us on time without any major problems. Many people thanks to proper time planning realize orders without much fatigue. All of these titles we can learn, and the saved time we can devote to the family or do with it as we please. But how to bring it about?

Performing tasks on time

Increasing one's personal effectiveness and time management are skills that are priceless nowadays. There are many methods. Some are more effective, others less effective. In this article we will try to present you the best and the most pleasant ones.


We all know very well that when we are fully focused on our task, we do it much more efficiently. When working on an important project, try not to talk to other people, postpone meetings for another time and postpone e-mails for later. When an important meeting or meeting is approaching, we should focus on something less important, but when our day can be fully devoted to effective work, it is the ideal moment to work on something extremely important.


In order to manage time well, we should plan it well. We must try to divide our work into three specific sections. The first one is the meetings. During this part we deal with conversations with customers or management. However, not only in this section, but also meetings with oneself should be included. During this time we should think about some things or plan the next steps. The next part are projects. This is a longer period in which we have to perform the task assigned to us. The last section consists of groups of individual tasks, i.e. answering e-mails or cleaning up one's position. However, we must remember that between these blocks we should find time for a break. It should be shorter or longer, of course it depends on our tiredness and the length of the task.

Pomodoro Technology

In order to perform tasks on time, we should definitely use this method. It consists in working in 25-minute cycles, after completing the cycle we should take a 5-minute break. When we finish the task before the end of 25 minutes, we rest 5 minutes and go back to work. After working through four full cycles, we take a longer, half-hour break.

Focusing on one thing

Doing a lot of things for most people doesn't make much sense. When we do a few tasks, we work little productively and still feel tired. When we focus on one thing, it will be much easier for us to do it to the end and take on the next task. When we do a lot of tasks, we don't actually finish any of them so that we're satisfied with the result.

Thanks to time management we can perform even the most difficult tasks on time. By following the discussed methods, we will save ourselves a lot of time and nerves, a day before the deadline for submitting a project or another task.

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