Ways of motivating the employee

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The use of employee motivation schemes brings measurable benefits as employees try to perform all their duties more reliably. Of course, employers have various possibilities when it comes to motivating, so it is worth choosing a few of the best ones and applying them in your company. After some time it will be possible to really assess whether they pass the exam or whether it is better to eliminate them from everyday life.

How to motivate yourself?

How to motivate yourself?

The most popular motivation system is, of course, financial benefits, including bonuses for successful completion of a task entrusted by the employer, e.g. in the short term. These are not only financial bonuses, but also discretionary awards or regular increases. Such motivations work well in both smaller and larger companies.
An interesting alternative is also non-wage motivation, which can be included:
  • insurance packages
  • free training
  • fitness tickets, gym, cinema, swimming pool, etc.
  • foreign language courses
  • cheaper holiday trips
  • leave the integration trips
  • Christmas vouchers
  • discounts on company products
  • lunch and corporate dinners

As you can see, there is a lot of it, so the employer has to think hard about what systems he wants to use in his company. The choice is becoming wider and wider, but it is also necessary to observe the reactions of employees as to whether they are suitable for the motivation systems presented to them. In case of lack of effects, it is worth considering the elimination of such systems or their complete change. Using the above methods will result in employers gaining loyal employees who will be 100% satisfied with their work. It is worth taking care of it in order to keep the employees in the company or at least minimize the rotation.

There is still a negative motivation

Positive motivating is not the only option you can choose. Besides, it is worth betting on negative motivations, i.e. putting the employees in various situations of danger. Thanks to this it is possible to force them to work very effectively, not only on important corporate projects, but also on those much smaller ones. An example of such motivation may be the vision of losing one's job. However, employees must not be threatened with losing their jobs at the first better opportunity. It is worth presenting them with a situation in which they will receive a reward for correctly performing their duties, while regular neglect of duties will lead to dismissal. This could lead to a situation in which employees have greater mobilisation to take action. Skilful selection of motivation systems is half of the success, because there are many of them, so it is not possible to decide on all of them. It is worth to establish cooperation with people specializing in motivating employees or professional coaches, thanks to which the company will certainly start to develop.

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