What does employee monitoring give the company?

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Until a dozen or so years ago, monitoring in the workplace was perceived very negatively by employees. Conflicting emotions were aroused by cameras that were treated as intruders, looking at the hands of people performing their professional duties and waiting for them to stumble. Today, their presence no longer surprises anyone. On the contrary, the monitoring system in the workplace is its natural element, it guarantees us, above all, a sense of security. What else does monitoring of employees give the company?

First of all, security. The monitoring system in the workplace ensures the safety of employees. In crisis situations, such as an accident at the workplace, points to the direct causes of the event, recreates its course, so that it is possible to quickly take action to eliminate all factors that threaten the health and life of employees. Monitoring records become evidence in damages actions. They also prevent unfair behaviour, such as attempts at theft, unhealthy competition among employees, alcohol and drug use. The presence of cameras contributes to the reduction of acts of persecution, mobbing, psychological and physical violence, and indicates the perpetrator.

Secondly, it helps to optimise actions and time management. Comprehensive and reliable analysis of the recordings from monitoring also allows to optimize the activities of employees, implement good practices that will improve the operations, and directly translate into financial results of the organization. Based on monitoring analyses, we can identify the most time-consuming activities of the employees, critical points in the implementation of tasks, and propose solutions that may contribute to the improvement of the working day in the company.

Thirdly, it supports the records of working time. It allows you to check whether employees have actually arrived at work and perform the tasks entrusted to them.

Fourthly, it controls external companies providing services outside the working hours of the company. In many companies cleaning services are provided by external companies and this work is performed during the absence of the company's management and employees. Thanks to the monitoring system, we are able to check the quality of the services provided and the integrity of the people who enter our office, while having access to all the things left behind.

Fifthly, a reduction in the financial expenditure on hiring a guard company. The monitoring system eliminates the need to employ a full-time security team that will take care of the safety of each area of our building in a comprehensive and simultaneous manner. The camera system provides the possibility of simultaneous checking of almost every room. It should be remembered, however, that we cannot cover the whole area of the company with a monitoring system. The presence of cameras is prohibited in toilets, bathrooms, changing rooms, canteens or smoking rooms.

Sixthly, the improvement of personnel and administrative processes. Monitoring in the workplace can replace traditional employee attendance lists, which improves the work of the HR department, responsible for recording the time of employees. Processes are automated, which contributes to optimization of internal processes and improvement of HR department productivity.

Remember that the monitoring system is to ensure security in the company and contribute to the improvement of internal processes.

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